Vodnikova 2
3000 CELJE

BANKA CELJE, CELJE; Banka Celje is an independent bank, established as a joint-stock company to perform all banking and other financial services in conformity with the Banking Law and Companies Law.


The bank is situated in Celje and has the strongest position in the region. Much of the business is done outside of the region, mainly through the Main Branch in Ljubljana. At December 31, 2009 the bank was the sixth largest Slovene bank, holding a market share of 5,27% according to total assets. Banka Celje d.d. is a universal bank performing all kinds of banking operations for corporate clients, sole traders and individual clients - domestically and on the international level. Clients are serviced though the bank's 32 domestic offices.


Being active in the international markets the bank has also established correspondent relationships with foreign banks and hold accounts with 32 banks worldwide, while 4 banks have accounts opened with Banka Celje. We firmly believe that there are some things only a good bank can offer and conduct our business dealings accordingly.



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