Vojkova cesta 61
1000 Ljubljana
T: 112
F: + 386 1 431 81 17

W: http://www.sos112.si/eng/page.php?src=ks1.htm

EMERGENCY NUMBER, LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA; When you call 112, please specify:

-WHO is calling

-WHAT has happened

-WHERE it happened

-WHEN it happened

-HOW MANY persons are injured

-What are the INJURIES

-What are the CIRCUMSTANCES at the scene of the accident (fire, hazardous substances, damaged gas or other  installations, etc.)

-What kind of ASSISTANCE you need

Bear in mind that with most accidents time is of vital importance. Act at once and to the best of your ability.


Although there are many different types of disaster, the following applies to all of them:

1. Try to keep calm.
2. If possible, try to help yourself and other people.
3. You should seek help primarily from your immediate family, neighbours, friends or people who are at the accident site.
4. If you believe that you cannot deal with the situation by yourself, you should call the notification centre at once by  dialling 112.

Call 112:

- If you need immediate medical attention, help from fire protection units, emergency help from the veterinary service, or help from mountain or cave rescue services or police.
- If you notice that fire has broken out, that a hazardous substance is leaking, that drinking water, a stream, a river or the sea have been polluted, that there is the threat of a landslide or avalanche, that electrical or telephone lines have been cut off, or any other phenomena that pose a threat to the life or health of people and animals, or to property, cultural heritage and the environment.
- If, in the event of a disaster or of the increased threat of a natural or other disaster (and generally), you need information on disruptions in the supply of drinking water, electrical power or gas, disruptions in the telephone network, and information on the level of snowfall in high mountain regions.


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