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MULTILINGUAL TRANSLATION AGENCY, LJUBLJANA; A company that can be trusted with certainty with regard to professionally performed translation services. With our well organised network of translators we can forward your translations into 30 world languages and all their combinations. With this we realise how important the satisfaction of our clients is, therefore this is to us is our foremost consideration.


The main guiding principles of our business are the competitiveness of our prices, punctuality, accuracy, expert knowledge and flawlessly performed work. We believe that Multilingual is always the right choice for translation services. Credibility is guaranteed among other things by our hundreds of clients, who always swear by our translation agency. When ordering a service with us, you can therefore be completely certain that your texts are in the right hands.


Our co-workers

Over 300 professional translators, proof-readers and court sworn interpreters are the best guarantee for our linguistic challenges and specific demands.


Multilingual diligently maintains a database of selected linguists. Their commitment, loyalty, enthusiasm and love of languages are attributes, which in translating brings a distinguished surplus and which separates Multilingual from classic translation agencies.


With our translation services we make a special effort to preserve the meaning of the translated text, since we are well aware of the problems that can arise if the translation is too literal. Therefore, we don't just follow the letter, but most of all the spirit of the language while ensuring that when translating the meaning of the original text does not get lost. The acknowledgement for this goes to our excellent translators who either translate into their own native language ("native speakers") or regularly improve their knowledge of their languages abroad. Besides this, all of our translators are competent in a certain professional field (technical, scientific or social) and as a result they completely master specific professional terminology.


The possibilities and development of equipment for internet ordering translations, shortens the response time and increases the flow of information. With this we can offer you an additional 5 % discount.

Our clients


Multilingual is the leading translation agency in its field. We translate for the largest domestic and foreign companies, including Lek, NLB Leasing d.o.o., Kia Motors etc., which ensures that with our capabilities we can constantly satisfy the needs of our clients. Numerous long-term and close relations with these clients are a testament to the quality of our services.


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