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JULIJA D.O.O., TRANSLATION AGENCY, LJUBLJANA; The agency's mission is to help in communication and to be an important link in operations on foreign markets.


Our values are reflected in our friendliness and professional approach, which is helping us build a bridge between you and your foreign partners. We know in what direction we are heading...


Translation is the art of combining appropriate terminology, searching for a suitable style and ensuring flawless syntactic structures. Translation is a process of integrating knowledge and experience, which is reflected in the translator's outstanding feel for the language. All texts are proofread by native speaker proofreaders. Proofreading is included in the price and ensures the flawlessness of the translation.


Julija d.o.o. organises conference interpreting for international governmental events, gatherings and other conferences. We also provide interpreters for business meetings, workshops, seminars and symposia.

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation is one of the most demanding forms of oral interpretation. The interpreter translates simultaneously and without a time delay from a translation booth. Because of the difficulty and high level of concentration, two interpreters are required who take turns in interpreting for 15 minutes each.

Consecutive interpretation
Consecutive interpreting is performed with a time delay, meaning that the speaker speaks a part of the text and then waits for the interpreter to interpret it. This interpreting is suitable for shorter events. If the interpreting is done for just one or two persons, the interpreter whispers the translation.

Interpreting equipment
Julija's motto is dedication to quality, which is why we offer equipment from the world renowned conference equipment manufacturer Bosch. We offer state-of-the-art digital interpreting and sound system equipment.


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