Litijska cesta 35
1000 Ljubljana
T: +386 590 43 557; +386 40 655 677
F: 01/513 18 21
E: biro2000@biro2000.com
W: http://www.biro2000.si/default.asp?mid=en

BIRO 2000, TRANSLATION COMPANY, LJUBLJANA; Biro 2000 is a leading Slovenian translation company and we have been on the market since 1992. We deal with translation, interpreting, subtitling, editing and accountancy.


Our extensive database of qualified translators enables us to provide you with translations into all the above mentioned languages and their combinations as well as other languages upon request. Because our translation services are directed mainly towards the western market, all employees speak at least one foreign language and are skilled in using computers and the Internet.


We regularly test translators in order to guarantee the best quality of our translations. In this, we have the help of proofreaders and native speakers. We facilitate communication between proofreaders and translators: proofreaders are there to help translators monitor their work and improve its quality. The greatest advantage of Biro 2000 is machine translation with computer-assisted translation (CAT) programs, which are extremely helpful with large-scale translations.


Biro 2000 strives to deliver a high level of translations in various language combinations to our clients. We realize of course how important client satisfaction is, so we put it at the top of our priority list. We focus on clients from all industries, especially automotive, technical, medical, pharmacological, telecommunications, IT, EU regulations etc.


We make efforts to offer competitive prices, be exact, professional and perform our work flawlessly.


Our extensive database of translators around the world allows us to offer you translations in various language combinations. This process involves experienced linguists who are experts in the areas they translate, as they are intimately familiar with the particular technical field. It is complemented by computer assisted translation software technology and our reviews and constant monitoring of a translator's work.


We are especially skilled in providing urgent translations within a few days or a few hours . If you need a very large translation (more than 1000 pages in 14 days), we will assemble a specialized team of translators. Hard to believe? See for yourself!


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