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ALKEMIST, LJUBLJANA; The Alkemist Translation Company offers rapid, reliable and friendly translation services covering 80 languages. Translation, interpretation and language training summarise the majority of our work, supported by a complete range of services associated with these activities.


With offices in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, we specialise in translations into the following languages:
- Slovenian
- Croatian
- Serbian
- Bosnian
- Albanian
- Macedonian


Stylistic, cultural and business appropriacy is ensured by proofreaders (native speakers) and, when you order a translation, proofreading is free-of-charge! Our goal is to become a leading provider of translation services in Europe, synonymous with quality, accuracy and speed. The set goals will be achieved through our international orientation, ever striving after new innovations. We fear no challenges. The choice is final.



The devotion of the Alkemist Translation Company to personal service arises from a philosophy which exceeds individuality and through devotion, reaches the wider social environment - in one word - returns. We, at Alkemist have decided to establish a non-profit organisation - the Alkemist Foundation.


Through the donation of a portion of the value of each of your orders, we will endeavour to try to satisfy the specific needs of those forgotten or overlooked in the state regulatory status in our country and in the world. The goal of the foundation is to help the greatest number of people with the least possible administrative expense, those who require the help of fellow man.


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