Unemployment Down 2.4% in April

06. 05. 2014

Unemployment Down 2.4% in April

Slovenia's registered unemployment dropped by 2.4% in April over March but rose by 1.9% compared to April 2012, the Labour Ministry said on Monday, releasing preliminary employment figures for April. At the end of the month, less than 124,000 people were registered unemployed in Slovenia.

A positive trend was detected in employment activity in the first four months of the year, as hiring increased by 20% year-on-year to more than 28,300, the Labour Ministry says, revealing a part of April employment statistics.

"Unemployment data for the first four months is optimistic and above expectations," the ministry said. The Employment Service is expected to present the April data in its entirety on Thursday.


The number of those who were hired increased by 20.1 to 7,624 in April compared to the year before. The March figure was 37% higher year-on-year, climbing to 8,500.


"The data indicate economic recovery and we expect this trend to continue this year and the following years," the ministry said in a press release.


This year will be a turning point in economic recovery, which should cause a steady decline in unemployment in 2015, the ministry added.


Source: The slovenia times


Unemployment Down 2.4% in April