Two-Thirds Remain Undecided

08. 11. 2011

Two-Thirds Remain Undecided

Almost two-thirds (61.3%) of Slovenian voters have not yet decided for whom they would vote at the upcoming general election, a survey publishedon Monday suggests, with 46.3% of the respondents saying they would decide after comparing parties' election platforms.


Among the deciding factors for their support, the respondents, who were able to pick several at once, also found important the candidates' reputation (31.6%), the party's reputation (22.4%) and the personality of the party president (21.6%).


The election platform was the most important aspect for women (52%) and the supporters of the Democrats (SDS; 55%), while the personality of the party head was most often cited as the most important factor by supporters of Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic (39%) and respondents with higher education (31%).




The most of the decided voters were among the supporters of the SDS (55%), Jankovic's Positive Slovenia (64%) and former Public Administration Minister Gregor Virant's list (48%), according to the survey.


Quizzed about Greece remaining in the eurozone, a half of the respondents believe it should give up the common currency, while 43% said it should stay in the eurozone.


The poll was carried out by Delo Stik, the newspaper publisher's market research department, on 2 and 3 November among 506 respondents.


Source: The Slovenia Times


Two-Thirds Remain Undecided