Second Arab League monitor to quit Syrian mission

12. 01. 2012

Second Arab League monitor to quit Syrian mission

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the Arab League monitoring mission in Syria cannot continue indefinitely. Speaking yesterday she also gave her first reaction to President Bashar al Assad's speech on Tuesday.



"Instead of taking responsibility, what we hear from President Assad in his chillingly cynical speech yesterday was only making excuses, blaming foreign countries, conspiracies so vast that now it includes the Syrian opposition, the international community, all international media outlets and the Arab League itself," said the Secretary of State at a press briefing. Assad has since made a further rallying appearance before supporters. After having derided Arab League monitors for trying to discipline Syria, another observer is now considering resigning over theineffectiveness of the mission.As the violence in the country escalates, a Frenchman has become the first foreign journalist to be killed in 10 months of unrest.Gilles Jacquier was an experienced reporter who had been injured once before while on assignment. It is said he died along with eight other people in an incident in Homs.


Source: Euronews