Romney is poised to win New Hampshire

10. 01. 2012

Romney is poised to win New Hampshire

Mitt Romney is in pole position for todays race to win the New Hampshire primary. If he takes the state after narrowly winning Iowa, his five rivals will be playing catchup for the US Republican presidential nominiation.





Romney has a lot of dedicated volunteers, but so have the other candidates. At a corner of Manchester's mainstreet, a group of Newt Gingrich volunteers made themselves seen and heard. They are college students and first-time voters. Just some weeks ago, Gingrich was leading Romney in the polls. But a massive wave of negative attacks from the the Romney campaign has virtually reduced the former Speaker of the House to "also-run" status. Nevertheless, his young followers still believe Gringrich is their man. "He seems to think that Reaganomics work," said one volunteer. "And he's sticking to his principles more than Romney." The voters in New Hampshire are less conservative than in Iowa, but less liberal than in New York or California. Many blame President Obama for the sharp economic downturn. Especially senior Bob Bournival who remembers better times. " Now it's worse. Four years ago, the unemployment rate was three, four per cent. Actually, the rest of the country is having an effect on New Hampshire." Sandy Butler is the owner of a local diner. She does not believe that this year's election is going to make things better. "I think, if I keep workng hard, I'm going to make it. And that's just how it is. So, I will be working a long time, I don't plan on retiring ever." People like Sandy hold the fate of New Hampshire and the country in their hands, closely watched by the rest of the world. Euronews reporter Stefan Grobe said: "The candidates in New Hampshire are campaigning until the very last minute. Nothing is left to chance especially by front-runner Mitt Romney. He is leading in the polls by more than 40 per cent, but the polls also suggest that around half of all voters are still undecided.


Source: Euronews