Risk of disease as Balkan flood waters recede

23. 05. 2014

Risk of disease as Balkan flood waters recede

The stench of decay and the spreading of disease is fast becoming the main concern for authorities in areas affected by the worst floods to hit the Balkans in living memory.


With temperatures rising and the water level dropping the Serbian agriculture ministry has appealed for chemicals to help with the clean-up operation.



The cost of the damage across the region is expected to run into the billions of euros with both Serbia and Bosnia appealing for international aid.


Adding to the drama for those affected, authorities in Serbia have urged people not to consume food and crops from the devastated areas.


"What should we do? Where will we go?" asks Stana Majdanovic from Bosnia Herzegovina. "I have children and grandchildren. We have no place to go."


Large swathes of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia have been ravaged. Heavy rain last week caused rivers to burst their banks flooding homes and businesses and sweeping away roads and bridges.


The death toll stands at around 50 people, however it could rise even further with hundreds still reported missing.


Source: Euronews

Risk of disease as Balkan flood waters recede