Public Opinion Shifts in Favour of Janša

31. 01. 2012

Public Opinion Shifts in Favour of Janša

Public opinion has coalesced around Janez Janša, according to a poll released by Delo, with the recently-appointed PM-elect outranking election winner Zoran Janković for the first time as the most appropriate prime minister.



Janša is seen as the best PM-designate by 38.2% of respondents, up from 31.4% in the previous poll. Janković, on the other hand, slipped from 51% to 34.7%. The poll was carried out on 24 and 25 January, several days before Janša was actually appointed PM-elect in parliament. Janša's result does not yet translate into firm backing for his five-member centre-right coalition, which enjoys the support of 46.4% of respondents whereas 47% disapprove. The new prime minister can however count on public support for austerity measures, as fully 56.3% back his plans to shave EUR 800m off public spending this year. In similar vein, more than two-thirds support plans to put a debt ceiling into the Constitution. The telephone survey was carried out by Delo's in-house Stik agency and included a representative sample of 603 respondents.


Source: The SloveniaTimes