Primaries spark more protests by Occupy activists

11. 01. 2012

Primaries spark more protests by Occupy activists

In downtown Manchester activists of the "Occupy" movement set up a camp, taking possession of an area of Veteran's Park.


Locals mix with others who have come from all over New England to protest against the Republican candidates whom they blame for much of what they consider social injustice in the US today. Activist Wendy said:"They are a bunch of rich white men in power. And they have no clue how the 99% lives.



Mitt Romney is especially targeted by the movement - he is a multi-millionaire belonging to the top one per cent of the population which is considered out of touch with working families. But the activists are also angry with the Democrats. "Obama and the Democrats have presided over the continuing decline of the standards of workers, continuing huge hand-outs of cash to the people who have created the crisis, to the capitalists who have way too much anyway," said activist Steve Kellerman. It is unsure if the "Occupy" movement will have much of an influence on any of the primaries, but they are determined to make their presence felt.


SOURCE: Euronews