Moldova eyes EU pact

16. 05. 2014

Moldova eyes EU pact

Moldova will sign a free trade pact with the EU on June 27.

Moscow has been accused of putting pressure on Chisinau not to go ahead with it.


Russian troops have been stationed in a breakaway enclave inside the country, which declared its own independence amidst the fall of the Soviet Union.


Iurie Leanca, Moldova's prime minister, said: "A stronger European Moldova will also mean that we are much more attractive for those who live on the left bank of Dnejstr river - meaning in the Transnistrian region - in thus convincing them that the European Moldova is a response to the needs and the aspirations not only of the citizens living on the right bank but also to those living on the left bank in Moldova meaning in the Transnistrian region."



Transnistra's declaration of independence has never been recognised by Moldova or by the international community.


Even the Kremlin does not recognise it as a sovereign state.


But local politicians recently lodged yet another petition with Moscow, asking to be allowed to join Russia.


Source: Euronews


Moldova eyes EU pact