Germany rallies behind Spain as economic tensions soar

25. 07. 2012

Germany rallies behind Spain as economic tensions soar

Germany stood squarely behind Spain and its reform and austerity programme on Tuesday evening, issuing a joint statement condemning high interest rates demanded for the sale of Spanish bonds.

Within hours, Spain's finance minister heads for France as all three countries seek to calm the soaring tension in the eurozone. They hope to reassure investors Madrid is not about to call for a full international bailout.


Record high yields on both Spain's 10-year and now short-term bonds, plus the news that some of its regions, including the wealthiest Catalonia, will need funds from a cash-strapped central government, all point to a credibility gap between Madrid and the markets.


If a bailout is not being considered there is growing alarm over other options.



Professor Rafael Pampillon from Madrid's Business school explained:


"If the European Central Bank does not take action and if there is no rescue for Spain, our last option would be the break down. The break down of the euro would bring unpredictable consequences. It would be disastrous for the Spanish and European economy and could cause a meltdown for the global one."


Credit ratings agency Moody's continues to be a messenger of gloom. After giving Germany, the economy increasingly asked to bank-roll the eurozone, a negative outlook, it has now done the same to the EU's financial stability fund.


Source: Euronews

Germany rallies behind Spain as economic tensions soar