Germany accused of playing the ‘spying game’

22. 07. 2013

Germany accused of playing the ‘spying game’

Germany has become the latest nation to become embroiled in a espionage scandal according to the magazine Der Spiegel.

Leaked documents point to Germany's foreign intelligence agency the BND along with its domestic agency as having been using a spying programme set up by the US's National Security Agency.


The accusations have caused outrage among opposition parties.


Hans-Christian Stroebele of the Green Party accused the government of knowing all along about the system:

"We hear now that the top of the NSA apparently met in the German chancellery. And then they pretend they don't know anything, this is ridiculous."



SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel blamed the BND:

"If it's true that the head of the BND tried to counter German data protection laws, if that is the case then he has to step down."


Chancellor Angela Merkel has reportedly denied that the country has become a ‘surveillance state' but has launched an investigation into the matter.


Merkel was among the first to criticise the US after whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed the NSA's other mass data collection-system known as PRISM.



Source: Euronews

Germany accused of playing the ‘spying game’