Evicted Wall St protesters return minus their tents

16. 11. 2011

Evicted Wall St protesters return minus their tents

Hundreds of Wall Street protesters returned to Zuccotti park in central New York only hours after being evicted by police.

The mood was defiant as the activists came back but minus their tents which had been cleared away by the authorities.

Earlier a judge had up held an eviction order allowing police to break up the two month old demonstration in a pre-dawn raid.

But the activists' lawyer Alan Levine was incensed:
"Their protest hasn't caught on around the world and around the country because it's a camping case. It's a speech case."



The judge ruled the protesters' free-speech rights were protected just not the right to sleep in the park.

Protester Mark Bray remained true to his cause: "We think this will only make us stronger, get more people involved in what we are doing. We'll intend to set up an occupation somewhere else in the city or continue to pursue our right to stay in Zuccotti Park."

The demonstrators have occupied the park since September 17 to protest what they see as an unjust economic system that favours the wealthy.

But NYPD have been ordered to clear away a sanitation hazard.


Source: Euronews