Egypt’s Islamists seek to allay fears

29. 11. 2011

Egypt’s Islamists seek to allay fears

Cairo's streets have been relatively calm during an election that appears set to give Islamists their first taste of power. The Freedom and Justice Party have been striving to allay fears among some of the electorate.

Its leader, Mohamed el Beltagim, told euronews:"During the past 8 decades we have worked with the (Christian) Copts, our brothers and d partners in this nation. Our positions are clear and well known in regard to our respect for freedom of religion.



Attempts to use scare tactics in relation to Islamsts to block the democratic process have unfortunately fooled some people."Our correspondent, Riad Muasses, put to him that his party was accused of taking the Military Council's side. El Beltagi replied: "The question is not whether we're with or against the military council. When the it takes the right decisions and responds to the demands of the revolution, we can only be with it and support it. In the opposite case we would take a stand against it and put it under pressure." The Islamists will be hoping this equivication does not cost them votes among opponents of the military council, who've vowed to stay in Tahrir Square until the army is gone from power.