Crucial vote for Greece and Europe

04. 11. 2011

Crucial vote for Greece and Europe

It comes after his announcement to hold a referendum on the bailout plan for both Greece and the euro zone stunned world leaders on Monday.

That plan appears to have back-fired, with calls for him to stand down and defections from his party to the extent that he is now in danger of losing the vote if just two of his deputies rebel.



He had earlier agreed to drop the idea of a referendum if he could secure opposition support for the European bailout plan.

But opposition leader Antonis Samaris was unimpressed and called for snap elections before dramatically walking out of parliament with his MPs.


Some analysts now say that while it is highly unlikely that a referendum will take place, it is also unlikely that Papandreou will win the confidence vote.

The outcome is not expected until late Friday night.


SOURCE: Euronews