Clashes continue in Syria’s second city

31. 07. 2012

Clashes continue in Syria’s second city

Reports from Syria point to continued intense fighting in the northern region of Aleppo.

Events are difficult to verify but judging from the video emerging it's clear that the clashes have taken a heavy toll on the country's second largest city and its three million inhabitants.


In some districts virtually every building has been affected.


The rebels claim to have captured tanks and other armoured vehicles from the Syrian army.



Activists say at least 40 people including 30 civilians were killed on Monday. The UN estimates that around 200 000 people have fled their homes over the past 10 days.


Rebels remain in control of swathes of the city but the regime says it is stepping up its efforts to drive them out of Aleppo and is clearly not averse to using heavy artillery in the process.


UN agencies and the Syrian Red Crescent are working together on helping people affected by the violence with blankets and humanitarian supplies but say many people remain out of their reach due to the violence.


Source: Euronews

Clashes continue in Syria’s second city