News Archive - January 2012

UK and Czech Republic refuse to sign EU fiscal pact

31. 01. 2012
Chancellor Angela Merkel has finally got her way with most of Europe agreeing to a German-inspired pact for stricter budget discipline.

Public Opinion Shifts in Favour of Janša

31. 01. 2012
Public opinion has coalesced around Janez Janša, according to a poll released by Delo, with the recently-appointed PM-elect outranking election winner Zoran Janković for the first time as the most appropriate prime minister.

EU leaders hold debt crisis summit – again

30. 01. 2012
European leaders are holding their 17th summit in two years as the bloc battles to resolve its sovereign debt problems.

Parliament Endorses Janša

30. 01. 2012
The National Assembly endorsed Janez Janša, leader of the Democrats (SDS), for prime minister-elect by 51 votes to 39, opening the door for Slovenia to get a full-fledged government after weeks of political deadlock following early elections.

Shock German survey on Holocaust Remembrance Day

27. 01. 2012
It is international Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Janša for PM, Coalition Deal Signed

27. 01. 2012
Janez Janša, the leader of the Democrats (SDS), was nominated for prime minister by the newly-formed centre-right coalition featuring his SDS alongside the Virant List, the People's Party (SLS), the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) and New Slovenia (NSi).

Merkel tells Davos that Europe must reform

26. 01. 2012
Having flown in by helicopter, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a down to earth message at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Let the Parties Decide

26. 01. 2012
President Danilo Türk will not nominate a new prime minister-designate for Saturday's vote in the National Assembly. He said he expected that parties forming a right-leaning coalition would file the nomination.

Obama makes bid for re-election in Union address

25. 01. 2012
President Barack Obama has made a rallying call against inequality in his third State of the Union address.

Japan Quake Shook Revoz Production

25. 01. 2012
Revoz, the Novo mesto-based subsidiary of French car maker Renault, produced 174,127 cars in 2011, CEO Aleš Bratož told. The figure is bellow that of 2010 mostly due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which forced the company to scrap one shift between May and August.

France passes ‘genocide’ bill

24. 01. 2012
After a debate lasting more than seven hours, the French Senate voted to back a controversial new law making it illegal to refer to the killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as anything other than genocide. Anyone breaking the law could be fined or imprisoned.

Plečnik's 140th Birth Anniversary

24. 01. 2012
Today marks the 140th birth anniversary of Jože Plečnik (1872-1957), Slovenia's most acclaimed architect, whose life and work will be celebrated throughout the year with a series of events hosted by the Museum of Architecture and Design (MOA).

Syria rejects Arab League roadmap

23. 01. 2012
Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo have agreed on a new political roadmap for Syria and called on support from the United Nations.

Kirchgasser Wins, Maze Fourth

23. 01. 2012
Michaela Kirchgasser of Austria charged to victory in Sunday's World Cup slalom race in Kranjska Gora. Slovenia's Tina Maze finished fourth.

Passengers of stricken liner ‘told to return to cabins’

20. 01. 2012
Passengers on the stricken Costa Concordia were told to return to their cabins, 40 minutes after the cruise ship struck a rock, according to Italian TV.

Banker Voljč as Possible Alternative PM

20. 01. 2012
President Danilo Türk proposed to parties to reflect on the possibility of supporting former NLB bank chairman Marko Voljč as a candidate for PM-designate. He said Voljč was ready to stand, however only if a consensus among parties is secured beforehand.

Turkish embassy in Baghdad hit by rockets

19. 01. 2012
The Turkish embassy in Baghdad has been attacked with at least two rockets.

Factory Gate Prices Up 3.6%

19. 01. 2012
Factory gate prices in Slovenia in December were up by 0.1% compared to November, while their growth in the entire year stood at 3.6%, the Statistics Office.

Concordia captain under house arrest

18. 01. 2012
The man at the centre of the investigation into the Italian cruise ship disaster, Captain Francesco Schettino, is under house arrest after appearing in court.

New Round of Talks on PM-Designate

18. 01. 2012
President Danilo Türk held a fresh round of talks on a PM-designate, but there are no indications whom he might nominate for the second round of voting in parliament. It is clear, however, that the Pensioners' Party (DeSUS) will be the kingmaker.

ECB chief slams credit rating agencies

17. 01. 2012
ECB chief Mario Draghi has taken a swipe at credit rating agencies after Standard & Poor’s downgraded the eurozone’s EFSF bailout fund.

Kranjec Wins, Maze on the Podioum

17. 01. 2012
Slovenia's Robert Kranjec won Sunday's World Cup ski jumping event on Austria's Kulm hill, landing at 206 metres to score 212.5 points.

Another body found in cruise disaster

16. 01. 2012
A sixth body has been discovered in the wreck of the cruise liner which capzied off the coast of Italy on Friday night.

Car Sales Up Slightly in 2011

16. 01. 2012
The number of cars or light commercial vehicles registered for the first time stood at 64,899 in 2011, a 0.5% increase on the year before. Renault's compact Clio model remained the most popular car.

Ahmadinejad completes Latin America visit

13. 01. 2012
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been rounding off his tour of allies in Latin America.

Six Major Bills to Break Deadlock

13. 01. 2012
Faced with a deadlock in parliament after the failed appointment of a new prime minister, the outgoing government adopted on six bills it deems necessary to "protect the national interest". "It is now up to parliament to decide what to do with them," Prime Minister Borut Pahor said.

Second Arab League monitor to quit Syrian mission

12. 01. 2012
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the Arab League monitoring mission in Syria cannot continue indefinitely. Speaking yesterday she also gave her first reaction to President Bashar al Assad’s speech on Tuesday.

Janković Loses Vote for PM-Elect

12. 01. 2012
Zoran Janković failed to be appointed prime minister-elect, mustering 42 votes, four short of the needed absolute majority in vote in the National Assembly.

Primaries spark more protests by Occupy activists

11. 01. 2012
Not everyone in New Hampshire has election fever.

Where are the Arbiters?

11. 01. 2012
The EU Commission will present Slovenia and Croatia with a list of 15 international law experts, candidates for the border arbitration tribunal, in the second half of January, European Commissioner for Enlargement Štefan Füle told the countries' foreign ministers in Brussels.

Romney is poised to win New Hampshire

10. 01. 2012
Mitt Romney is in pole position for todays race to win the New Hampshire primary. If he takes the state after narrowly winning Iowa, his five rivals will be playing catchup for the US Republican presidential nominiation.

No to Janković's Coalition

10. 01. 2012
The Virant List (VL), considered the king-maker in the tug-of-war for the new governing coalition, decided it will not back PM-designate Zoran Janković of election winner Positive Slovenia (PS) as PM and also not join his left-leaning coalition.

Ahmadinejad rallies support in Venezuela

09. 01. 2012
Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in Venezuela at the start of a tour of Latin American countries.

Freight Shipping Company on Sale

09. 01. 2012
The state-owned KAD and SOD funds have put up for sale their combined 25.05% stake in Slovenia's maritime transport group Splosna plovba. The minimum bidding price was set at EUR 59.9m.

More cuts in the new US defence strategy

06. 01. 2012
US President Barack Obama has announced changes to America’s defence strategy that will see a much “leaner” military force.

And the PM Designate is...

06. 01. 2012
President Danilo Türk put forward Zoran Janković, leader of the biggest party in parliament after the 4 December general election, the Positive Slovenia (PS), for PM-designate.

The West raises sanction stakes against Iran

05. 01. 2012
Washington has welcomed the move by European governments to agree in principle to ban imports of Iranian oil.

Person of the Year

05. 01. 2012
Ivo Boscarol, the co-owner and boss of the ultralight plane maker Pipistrel, was named the person of the year by Slovenia's leading daily Delo.

Dead heat in Iowa Republican caucuses

04. 01. 2012
Voting in Iowa to choose a Republican presidential candidate turned into a two horse race with the biggest surprise of the evening being the performance of newcomer, social conservative Rick Santorum.

The End of National Unity Governement Idea

04. 01. 2012
The idea by three smaller parties that Slovenia should get a government of national unity has been shelved due to the refusal of the other parties to sign up. But the trio may continue to "stick together as a bloc" in coalition talks, Virant List president Gregor Virant said.

Iran test-fires missiles in Strait of Hormuz exercises

03. 01. 2012
Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- Iran test-fired two missiles Monday, the final day of its naval exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, state-run media reported.

Education Improving, Women Doing Better

03. 01. 2012
One is six people living in Slovenia older than 15 has finished at least a higher vocational school, data released by the Statistics Office show. The number of women with higher education exceeds that of men by a third.