News Archive - June 2011

Lagarde confirmed as new IMF boss

29. 06. 2011
The International Monetary Fund has confirmed that its new head is to be Christine Lagarde.

Lasko Shareholders Turn Down Recapitalisation

29. 06. 2011
Shareholders of Pivovarna Lasko turned down the management's proposal for a capital injection that would shore up the beverage group's stretched finances at a general assembly on Friday. Despite the decision, Lasko chairman Dusan Zorko said he was not concerned for the future of the group.

Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge four on trial

27. 06. 2011
The UN-backed trial of the top surviving members of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime has finally got under way in Phnom Penh. The four defendants include the now 84-year-old Nuon Chea, or Brother Number 2, the chief ideologist behind Pol Pot’s “Killing Fields” revolution.

20 years of the Slovenian independence: Time for a New Chapter?

27. 06. 2011
As Slovenia approaches the twentieth anniversary of its independence, the spirit is one of reflection – and disenchantment. Slovenia might have been a wunderkind of the post-socialist Europe, but the current situation is far from flattering.

Pakistan arrests CIA's bin Laden informants: report

15. 06. 2011
Pakistan's top military spy agency has arrested five CIA informants who fed information to U.S. intelligence before the raid last month which killed Osama bin Laden, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

Ljubljana joins a growing number of cities with a free bike rental system

15. 06. 2011
The BicikeLJ network features thirty stations with smart terminals and 300 available bikes. The stations in central Ljubljana should not be more than 400 metres apart. Since the purpose of this system is to offer bikes for a single ride between stations, the first hour of bike use is free of charge.

Bad Prospects for Construction Sector

13. 06. 2011
The Slovenian construction industry is sinking into an ever deeper crisis, and there are fears about the impact of the looming receivership at builder SCT. An official has warned that the sector could shrink by 50% on 2008 this year.

AKP seals historic third straight win in Turkey

13. 06. 2011
The ruling AK party has won the Turkish general election with nearly exactly 50 percent of the vote.

US and Germany unite over state dinner

08. 06. 2011
The Obamas have thrown nothing less than a state dinner for Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and her husband. It was their first for a European leader and is being seen as a sign of how important Washington regards Europe’s economic power house.

Ljubljana: A Summer of Festivals

08. 06. 2011
At last, summer is here, and in Ljubljana this means the beginning of many festivals and various other cultural events.The choice is wide and without doubt it offers something for every taste, so go out there and find your favourite.

EU to agree aid to farmers hit by E.coli crisis

07. 06. 2011
“We must restore cucumber producers’ lost honour!”

A Warning from Brussels

07. 06. 2011
he European Commission urged the Slovenian government in the aftermath of the pension reform defeat to do everything possible to improve the long-term sustainability of the pension system, arguing that the projected long-term impact of ageing on the state budget in Slovenia was much higher than the EU average.

What next for Yemen-implosion or a tribal bargain?

06. 06. 2011
Uncertainty surrounds the future of Yemen despite the street celebrations of thousands of democracy activists.

E.coli scare hits consumer confidence

01. 06. 2011
Cucumber producers in Europe have been defiantly eating their produce to prove they are not the source of the bloc’s worst E.coli out break.

Economy Grows by 2.1% in Q1

01. 06. 2011
With a new boost in exports, Slovenia's economy grew by 2.1% in real terms in the first quarter of the year on the same period last year and by 0.3% on the previous quarter, seasonally-adjusted data from the Statistics Office show.