Anti-corporate rallies from New York to LA

18. 11. 2011

Anti-corporate rallies from New York to LA

In New York the Occupy Wall Street rally was smaller than expected and police were able to stop the protesters closing down the city's iconic financial thoroughfare, making around 200 arrests in the process.

One protester said:"We go to the Middle East and be like, hey, we're going to spread democracy and here we are, our government is suppressing democracy. It's just like, how hypocritical can that get?"



In Los Angeles hundreds of protesters marched through a business district thick with skyscrapers of banks. Though 23 arrests were made the rally was largely peaceful. "The banks got the bailout and we got sold out" was one the chants. "We are the 99 per cent" was another - a reference to the one per cent who the demonstrators claim do not pay their taxes.


The day of action also spread to the heart of America's political establishment with a rally in Washington DC.

Protests also took place in Miami, Detroit, St. Louis and Boston.



SOURCE: Euronews