H. E. Mr. Pekka Metso, Ambassador of the Republic of Finland

18. 12. 2012

H. E. Mr. Pekka Metso about Diplomatic Corporate Services and Stoja Real Estate Agency

... About STOJA Real Estate Agency

"I see STOJA as a very active and prominent Real Estate Agency. I surely recommend it! However, I am still in the middle of gathering my experiences so I am awaiting future impressions."

... About DCS

"DCS is a very interesting project and a good way to make promotion of service providers! That requires from providers to live up to the expectations of clients - sometimes they do not. I also think services should be expanded; for example some offers from musicians would be interesting.
I look forward to try more new offers!"

His Excellency Mr. Pekka Metso



H. E. Mr. Pekka Metso, Ambasador of Finland