H.E. Mr. Tomi Dimitrovski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia

08. 06. 2016

H. E. Mr. Tomi Dimitrovski Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia About Diplomatic Corporate Services and Stoja Real Estate Agency

  ... About STOJA Real Estate Agency

"Stoja Real Estate Agency in professional, functional, responsive, respective and agile. It is a world class Real Estate Agency. I definitely would recommend STOJA, especially to those who just arrived in Ljubljana, to visitors as well as to diplomats. It was a very pleasant experience to work with the agency. The service was very efficient and professional. Furthermore, I experienced very friendly relations with the staff of the agency. I am very happy to work with Stoja and I hope that this will continue for a much longer period."


  ... About DCS

"DCS has a lot of useful and necessary information. Additionally, I would like to see more fresh and upgraded information about various events in Ljubljana. DCS is a very positive initiative, it is a good project but it will take some time. It needs some feedback and coopera 



H.E. Mr. Tomi Dimitrovski

H. E. Mr. Tomi Dimitrovski