About DCS

Our company Diplomatic and Corporate Services (DCS) in Slovenia, we are quickly rising in the industry as a respected international agency. DCS as a web portal provides complete information for all diplomats, foreign managers and other communities who come to Ljubljana for a longer period of time or only for a short visit. Our customers can find information about various services in Ljubljana, and we can offer our assistance with everyday tasks (everything from finding a good restaurant, quality dental studio, or even a veterinarian).


Over the last few years, we have established a reputation for professionalism and efficiency in arranging the relocation of our corporate and international clients, as well as taking into consideration their needs and wishes regarding the choice of accommodation. As cited in the Economist, we put our clients first. The specialty of our company is assisting diplomats and foreign companies in finding accommodation, specializing for the Ljubljana area.


The advantage of working with DCS (Diplomatic & Corporate Services Slovenia) is that when it comes to providing services,we put innovative technology and international business above all else.


As we have been providing diplomatic service in Ljubljana for several years, we understand the value of our customers' time and strive to conduct business as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We are a group of multilingual professionals stationed in Ljubljana and we are well informed regarding service providers and their offer. It is in our best interest to maintain our position as one of the best agencies in real estate sector, thus providing you the services you need in the shortest period of time. By working with a carefully selected group of professionals, we are able to assist our customers in all aspects of their needs.


Any company in need of various kinds of diplomatic and other services in Ljubljana will benefit from using DCS, since we are a furture-oriented company that understands that in this line of business, maintaining the best results and being up-to-date with current developments is cruicial for a successful business. As we are a group of professionals offering excellent service, DCS is a great choice for any company operating in Slovenia.